Speed is determined by your character’s Strength + Dexterity, and can also be modified by appropriate Merits or other powers. Your speed determines the number of steps (or yards) your character can move in a turn.

You may move up to your character’s speed each round in addition to taking normal actions.


You may spend an Instant action to move up to your character’s speed. This is in addition to regular movement and allows a character to spend a round moving up to double their normal speed.

This represents short distance sprinting for tactical movement. Longer distances are resolved with Stamina + Athletics rolls.


You may spend an Instant action to charge an opponent. Doing so allows you to move double your speed and make an attack, but you may not apply your defence to any attacks this round. You may not receive any benefit for an All-Out Attack when Charging, as you have already sacrificed your defence for distance. You may not charge if you have already used your defence against an attack this round.

Sometimes, a character is required to overcome obstacles to reach an opponent. This could include leaping from a rooftop, clearing a fence, or diving over a table. In these circumstances, at Storyteller discretion, you may have to charge in order to make an attack the same turn you clear the barrier, even if it within a single movement. Your character does not have time to attack and properly defend themselves as they regain their footing, and must prioritize attack or defence at the expense of the other.


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