Affinity: Ithaeur and Bone Shadows

Legend holds it was insight and understanding that led the first Uratha to put down Father Wolf, so Wisdom is a quality the Forsaken cherish. Wisdom is not just a measure of knowledge, but using that knowledge to its best. Wisdom is the blessing of Luna Contemplating, the moon that clutches a sliver of light to herself in the darkness. The Ithaeur aspires to Wisdom, for the secrets of the spirit world will devour the seeker without knowledge and insight. Bone Shadows recognize the importance of Wisdom for the paths it helps them pick among the many worlds. Spirits respect a werewolf with great Wisdom, for they act with understanding and seeks to learn their ways.

Wisdom is more than simple knowledge. As any werewolf can point out, humans are fonts of knowledge, capable of remembering mountains of useless information by rote. The things that humans know don’t help them survive, however. Wisdom, as measured by the Ithalunim, involves not only factual knowledge, but its application and even the process of learning. A werewolf who blunders due to ignorance isn’t ridiculed or shamed for their mistake (at least not by the Crescent Moon Choir). They are expected to learn from the mistake, come away from the experience wiser for it and hopefully be able to teach others their new-found knowledge. Instinct can be fooled; knowledge can be a lie. When the werewolf learns to view a question as Luna does in her sickle form, then the werewolf knows the truth as well as the facts. Then the Uratha is wise. The Bone Shadows pay particular attention to the pursuit of Wisdom and to Forsaken who are considered to be wise. Wisdom in many ways parallels the guiding purpose of the tribe. All Ithaeur seek Wisdom, though, for their packmates look to them to think, see and know, whether about this world or the spirit world.

Base Expectations:

The spirits expect curiosity from a wise werewolf, but not the sort that leads him to wander blindly off after anything that catches their fancy. The curiosity that the Ithalunim expect is more scientific. They don’t want the Forsaken to take what they see for granted. While these spirits, like all Lunes, do expect werewolves to obey the precepts of Harmony, they are less concerned with a werewolf’s innate morality than the Cahalunim are.

Feats of Wisdom:

Solving a great spiritual riddle; developing a new rite; binding a potent spirit; discovering and exploiting an enemy spirit’s ban; creating or strengthening a locus; negotiating a suitable compromise; any monumental act of logic, intelligence, memory or intuition.


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