Stealth Gifts

Stealth 1: Feet Of Mist

Cost: 2 Essence
Dice Pool: This power requires no roll.
Action: Reflexive

Sight and sound are not the hardest senses for a werewolf to defeat, but even a bloodhound would wear its nose out trailing a werewolf with Feet of Mist. The werewolf’s scent fades to near-imperceptibility.

The werewolf leaves no scent trail for the remainder of the scene. This doesn’t cover any scent left prior to the activation of the gift, but does cover the werewolf’s personal scent, and the scent of anything worn by them. Traces of the werewolf left during this time (such as hair or blood) are also devoid of useful scent.

Picking something up (such as a body) will not extend the power to the object. The werewolf also continues to give off smell to those near them, they just leave no trace of it afterwards.

Non-scent methods of tracking require an additional success to gain results, as the werewolf leaves less sign of their passing, lightening their steps, etc.

[ 2 ] Blending ( Werewolf: The Forsaken — Page 139 )

Cost: None

Dice Pool: Wits + Stealth + Cunning versus Wits + Composure

Action: Instant or contested

An expert hunter knows the value of not being seen. A werewolf with this Gift can blend with the landscape by simply remaining still — overlooked even in the open.

Dramatic Failure: The character actually attracts attention to herself. Observers in the area can’t help but notice her.

Failure: The werewolf isn’t particularly hidden beyond what cover and physical obstructions suggest. The character doesn’t know how well hidden she is until she is found out or overlooked.

Success: The character may “hide in plain sight,” blending into her surroundings by remaining motionless, even if she isn’t directly behind any cover. Casual observers roll Wits to contest the character’s roll as a reflexive action; active searchers contest with Wits + Composure as an instant action. If the werewolf wins the roll, she cannot be distinguished as anything other than a landscape feature. (If a supernatural power of observation is used to find the werewolf, successes rolled to activate that effect must exceed those rolled for this Gift.) Even the slightest movement is recognized by an observer, negating the Gift.

Exceptional Success: Nothing beyond what high successes indicate.

[ 3 ] Running Shadow ( Werewolf: The Forsaken — Page 140 )

Cost: 1 Essence

Dice Pool: This power requires no roll.

Action: Reflexive

Sometimes, one must choose between moving silently and moving quickly. This Gift makes the choice unnecessary. The werewolf can trot over dry leaves as quietly as tiptoeing carefully. For the duration of the scene, the werewolf can sneak as well at a dead run as he can at a walk. In effect, mundane Stealth tasks become reflexive actions for the character; they can be performed almost recklessly without worry of making noise. Potential observers suffer a -3 penalty to contested rolls to notice the quiet character. But if sound isn’t a significant factor in detecting the werewolf, no modifiers apply for silent movement.

[ 4 ] Shadow Flesh ( Werewolf: The Forsaken — Page 140 )

Cost: 1 Essence

Dice Pool: Wits + Stealth + Cunning

Action: Instant

This Gift actually affects the werewolf’s form, making her a living shadow. While her flesh is transformed to shadowy matter, she can slip through areas with great ease, even sliding under doors or through cracks.

Dramatic Failure: The character fails to assume shadow form, and cannot try again for the remainder of the scene. In addition, her own shadow is adversely affected. For the remainder of the scene, she casts a shadow of a form different from the one she currently wears. If the character is in Hishu, she might cast a Gauru or Urhan shadow. If she shifted to Gauru, her shadow might reflect an Urshul or Hishu form.

Failure: The character fails to assume shadow form.

Success: This Gift can be used in situations only where shadows can exist. If the character is surrounded by bright lights such that no shadows can be cast, or if she is in total darkness, she cannot transform into shadow form. If a character in shadow form suddenly finds herself in a situation where no shadows can exist (such as being trapped in a basement with no light during a blackout), she is forced back into normal form. The character’s body becomes a two-dimensional shadow of the same height and width that lies flat against the ground, walls, trees and other surfaces. The shadow form appears to be the character’s own shadow, and thus reflects whatever form she was in when she activated the Gift. The shadow form, is still a physical thing, though. The character can be injured, and the shadow bleeds real blood if wounded. While in shadow form, the character gains a +3 bonus to Stealth rolls and a +3 bonus to Defense. She may still affect things around her (and retains all of her usual Attributes, as appropriate for the form she is in), but the limitations of her shadow substance make it more difficult. Any roll made to affect her surroundings (such as attack a foe or type on a computer keyboard) incurs a -2 penalty, due to the necessity of remaining flat against an appropriate surface. To attack an enemy, for example, the character has to slide across the ground toward him and even slide partly up his body before her shadowy claws can dig in. The character can also fit through small openings and slither under doors as long as there is sufficient light and contrast for her to remain in that form. She may move up walls only if she could normally climb them, and cannot move across the surface of water or other liquids. She may also shapeshift normally when composed of shadow. When the Gift’s effects end, she returns to normal in whatever form she had taken. The character may remain in shadow form for one minute per success rolled. Or she may choose to end the Gift’s effects prematurely. Any clothing or personal possessions worn change into shadow along with the character, but large objects held in hand such as a shotgun do not change. (Although a fetish weapon does.)

Exceptional Success: The character may remain in shadow form for the duration of the scene.

[ 5 ] Vanish ( Werewolf: The Forsaken — Page 140 )

Cost: 2 Essence

Dice Pool: Wits + Stealth + Purity

Action: Instant

The ultimate in visual stealth, the werewolf can instantly fade from sight, even in full view. Cameras, heat sensors — no form of visual detection can perceive the hidden werewolf, although this Gift conveys no protection from other senses.

Dramatic Failure: The power fails and cannot be called upon again for 24 hours.

Failure: The Gift fails to take effect.

Success: The user may move and fight as normal. Perception and detection rolls to recognize or spot her suffer a -5 penalty, except those based strictly on smell or sound. Opponents fight blindly and must rely on cunning and their other senses to hit. Every time the werewolf is struck, a number of successes must be achieved on a reflexive Wits + Resolve roll in excess of the number of Health points suffered in order to maintain the Gift. Unconsciousness negates the Gift. The Gift lasts for the duration of the scene, although the character may choose to end the effects early.

Exceptional Success: Wits + Resolve rolls to maintain the effects of the Gift receive a +1 bonus.

Stealth Gifts

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