Affinity: Rahu, Hunters In Darkness

Purity reflects the lost ideals of Pangaea and the virtue to make what decisions are necessary, even if they would damn one who makes them. Although innocence is an illusory dream to the Forsaken, they still attempt to purify themselves through sacrifice and devotion. Purity is the blessing of Luna unveiled, the moon that does not turn her face. The Rahu bear Luna’s greatest expectations of Purity, for only righteous discipline can harness their birthright of fury. Without Purity, a Rahu is nothing but a rabid beast. The Hunters in Darkness value Purity most highly for their veneration of the unblemished world and Uratha tradition. Spirits respect a werewolf with great Purity, for he has fought hard to overcome the taint of his ancestors’ deeds.

The Fury Choir judges Purity, probably the simplest of the five types of Renown — and the most difficult to maintain. The spirits simply demand adherence to the precepts of Harmony. Gaining Purity Renown is a challenge, because Ralunim expect the Forsaken to stand by the Oath they’ve sworn. Werewolves gain Purity by enforcing the Oath of the Moon and the rules of Harmony, by leading by example, and by embodying what being a werewolf truly is (from lunar spirits’ perspective; Bale Hounds might well disagree). The Hunters in Darkness have a particular respect for the ideals of Purity, as it’s closely tied to their belief in embracing their wolf side.

The Forsaken often speculate on why the Ralunim regulate Purity, aspected as they are toward Rahu werewolves. After all, the Full Moons have a difficult time controlling their Rage, which makes maintaining Purity that much more difficult (since the Oath requires self-control). Some argue that this is likely the very reason that Luna chose to send her Ralunim children to watch over the Rahu. With the impetus for Purity hanging over them, they have a much greater drive to control themselves, to remain pure of heart and Rage, to honour their spiritual mother.

Werewolves who strive for Purity aren’t expected to force their views on other werewolves. A true leader’s commands are to be obeyed, but each werewolf must choose Harmony for themselves. Therefore, a true adherent of Purity leads by example, striving to show by word and deed the proper path for their fellow Forsaken.

Base Expectations:

No one expects a werewolf to keep himself from Rage. The Ralunim do expect the People to enter their savage fury appropriately, to avoid murdering other Uratha, and especially to avoid injuring their packmates in Death Rage. A young werewolf who can avert Death Rage for a time to spare allies from it might receive a congratulation from a Lune, but only once. After they mature, the spirits don’t have much patience for a werewolf with no control over themselves.

Feats of Purity:

Leading a righteous crusade against enemies of Luna and the People; slaying a true foe in proper combat; saving the lives of other werewolves or the wolf-blooded; remaining true to the Oath even when tempted or coerced to do otherwise; any other feat of monumental self-restraint, zeal or morality (as expressed via Harmony).


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