There are times when you wish to do more than merely wound an opponent. Many of these options are covered by “grappling,” which will be used as a blanket term for various forms of extended contact combat manipulation

To grab your opponent, roll Strength or Dexterity (your choice) + Brawl – the target’s Defense. On a success, both of you are now grappling. If you’ve got a length of rope, a chain, a whip, etc, you can add its weapon bonus to your Dice Pool when grappling. If you score an exceptional success on this first roll, pick an overpower manoeuvre from the list below.

While you are grappling:

- You subtract the Opposing Grappler’s Strength from your Speed, as well as most physical pools (including attacks)
- You cannot use most weapons or items that require two hands or are rated as Heavy
- Some actions may be impossible or require additional effort
- Both you and your opponent have the ability to prevent the other from speaking. Perfect silence is not generally an option, but you are able to minimize how much sound the other makes and prevent them from coherent speech through holds and blows.

Grappling and Defence

Attempting to initiate a grapple, or using an overpower manoeuvre both count as attacks for the purpose of lowering a characters defence for the round. Defence is otherwise unaffected by grappling, unless a character is Restrained (see below).

Defence is not applied against opponents in a grapple, but is still subtracted from people attacking into a grapple or attempting to join a grapple.

Overpower Manoeuvres

Overpower Manoeuvres are Instant Actions performed with Strength or Dexterity (your choice) + Brawl + applicable Equipment – Opponent’s Strength (+ applicable Equipment)

Success allows you to perform one of the following manoeuvres. Unless otherwise specified, only a single success is required.

Break Free from the grapple.

You throw off your opponent; you’re both no longer grappling.


You remove the opponent’s weapon, or held item. If your hands are free, you can take it, otherwise, it falls to the ground.


You can make an attack against a person in a grapple with you using Strength or Dexterity (your choice) + Brawl + Weapon modifier – Opposing Grappler’s Strength. This deals successes in damage, modified normally by any weapons used.

Alternatively, you may make a attack against any character in range using a normal attack pool (Melee/Brawl/Firearms/Athletics) – the Opposing Grappler’s Strength AND target’s defence.


Both of you move together a number of steps equal to your Speed (including penalty for Opposing Grappler’s Strength). This is in addition to your normal movement for the round.

If you succeed on a Drag check, you can cause all people in the grapple to become prone, or stand up from prone.


Make an Overpower check to give an opponent additional penalties equal to successes rolled until your next action.

A Restrained character suffers the penalty to any Actions taken, as well as their Speed and Defence, but not to resistance rolls.

Take Cover

Use your opponent’s body to protect against attacks. Successful ranged attacks made against you until the end of the turn automatically hit them instead. Melee and Brawl attacks are made against you at a -2.

Multiple Grapplers

When grappled by multiple opponents, you only subtract the Highest Strength rating from among your opponents. Opponents within a grapple beyond the first each add +1 to the Primary Grappler’s Strength, but may take no other actions.


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