Affinity: Cahalith and Blood Talons

Though the Forsaken bear a burden of shame, they still take pride in what they are. The werewolf who is renowned for Glory is a reminder to their people that not every struggle is in vain, nor is every task doomed to fail. Glory is the blessing of Luna Remembering, of the moon pregnant with song and memory. The Cahalith is the keeper of Glory, for it’s their task to inspire their packmates with songs, howls and actions in the bleakest moments. Blood Talons revel in Glory, for performing great deeds makes individual champions (and the People in general) the stuff of legend. Spirits honour a werewolf with great Glory, for feats of bravery and determination impress them.

The Forsaken have an oral tradition stretching back for centuries, and they have the Cahalith to thank for it. The pursuit of Glory is something that most werewolves share, regardless of auspice, and the Cahalunim judge attempts at garnering this type of Renown. To these spirits, Glory is more than simply taking territory or winning a battle or contest. The spirits ask if those deeds are memorable. Can a lesson be learned from the retelling of the story? Indeed, is it even worth retelling? Glory incorporates elements of Honour. After all, if a werewolf wishes to claim Glory for his actions, their must proudly claim credit for them.

Glory also includes valour and bravery. The spirits expect a glorious werewolf to be unafraid of danger. If they acquit themselves well, the Cahalunim remember them and spread their stories to the Cahalith of the tribes, even if they die in battle — which may be small consolation to some. The Cahalunim don’t expect the Forsaken to leap headlong into suicidal battles. While martyrs make for good stories, a warrior who honestly seeks their own death in battle probably does so for reasons of Purity or Honour, not Glory. The Cahalunim would rather tell a story of survival against all odds than of the death of a champion. The Blood Talons pay particular attention to werewolves with high Glory, for they greatly respect courage in battle and bravado that can be backed up with skill.

Base Expectations:

The Gibbous Moon Choir expects werewolves to be brave, to forge on in the face of fear and to meet each day with the knowledge that it could be their last. They also expect a healthy respect of the past. Glories that belong to one’s ancestors can inspire and guide the current generation. Finally, it’s important to keep an eye on tomorrow, fighting battles that will have greater consequence in the long run. By remembering the lessons of the past and anticipating the challenges of the future, a werewolf can stand tall in the now.

Feats of Glory:

Winning a battle or outmanoeuvring a foe in a spectacular or especially triumphant way; winning a battle in the name of a lover, ancestor or totem; telling an epic story that is later repeated by others; telling a stirring rendition of a traditional tale; acting as inspiration to fellow Forsaken; any other monumental feat of bravery, valour or daring.


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