Full Moon Gifts

[ 1 ] Clarity ( Werewolf: The Forsaken — Page 116 )

Cost: 1 Essence

Dice Pool: No roll is required

Action: Reflexive

The light of the full moon lends a peaceful insight into the dark of night, and the Ralunim can impart a similar sensitivity to a Rahu. But rather than cutting through literal darkness per se, this clarity cuts through the distracting haze that can cloud a warrior’s mind. Jarring himself mentally by touching the white-hot core of his soul, the werewolf burns away the fog of war and keeps his wits about him. By spending one Essence, the player increases his character’s Initiative modifier by five, greatly increasing the odds of seizing the critical first strike in any battle. The Storyteller may determine that some situations are inappropriate for this Gift (such as when the character is attacked by an invisible threat). If the power is used once combat is underway, the character’s new place in the Initiative order is applied in the next turn and in all subsequent turns for the remainder of the fight.

[ 2 ] Attunement ( Werewolf: The Forsaken — Page 116 )

Cost: 1 Willpower

Dice Pool: Wits + Brawl + Wisdom – opponent’s Resolve

Action: Reflexive

Violent conflict is ingrained deeply in every werewolf’s identity, and the Rahu auspice is the ultimate expression of that nature. Werewolves of the full moon thrive on combat, but even they must be careful not to let themselves get carried away. The Ralunim grant their chosen ones this Gift in the name of brutal efficiency. Using it, a werewolf can put an opponent down and end a fight quickly before it has a chance to provoke his rage. Coming into play once combat has begun, Attunement heightens a werewolf’s perceptions of his foe, making him aware of the subtlest telltale changes in expression and body posture. With this knowledge, he can move with his opponent and anticipate movements. In so doing, the user senses weaknesses in his opponent’s technique and can target them with unerring accuracy. After one full turn of combat with a foe, the werewolf using this Gift can ignore an amount of his opponent’s Defense modifier equal to half the user’s Primal Urge (rounded up) for the remainder of the scene. The Gift’s activation roll is made at the beginning of the user’s action in a turn, and if successful, the opponent’s Defense is reduced. If an opponent dodges, his Defense is reduced after being doubled. Therefore, a subject with Defense 2 gets Dodge 4. If the user of this Gift has Primal Urge 3, his opponent’s Dodge is reduced to 1. If the subject has the Brawling Dodge or Weaponry Dodge Merit, Primal Urge is subtracted from the combined trait total. Attacks made in conjunction with this power don’t have to involve unarmed combat, even though Brawl is a part of the activation roll. Attacks can involve weapons (Weaponry), thrown attacks (Athletics) or even Firearms attacks made within close-combat distance. This Gift can be applied to only one opponent at a time. If the user wishes to apply it against another opponent in the same scene, the first use is cancelled by the second use. The first opponent’s Defense returns to normal. Only the Gift user enjoys an opponent’s reduced Defense. No other attackers gain this benefit.

Dramatic Failure: The character misreads his opponent and gives away a weakness in his own technique. His Defense doesn’t apply to the opponent’s next attack.

Failure: The character fails to find an obvious weakness in his opponent’s style.

Success: The character exploits a weakness and may ignore an amount of his opponent’s Defense equal to the Gift user’s Primal Urge dots for the remainder of the scene.

Exceptional Success: Add one to the Gift user’s Primal Urge for the purposes of this use.

Full Moon 3: Death Grip

Cost: 1 Essence per bite attack
Dice Pool: Strength + Brawl + Glory
Action: Reflexive

The canine jaws and fangs of a Urhan-, Urshul- or Gauru-form werewolf are some of the most deadly weapons imaginable. Werewolf fighting styles take this power into account and can be adapted to lock a foe into close combat and enable a werewolf to bring his most vicious natural weaponry to bear. This Gift increases the power of a werewolf’s jaws dramatically. A werewolf in Gauru, Urshul or Urhan form can normally stage a bite attack without first initiating a grapple on a target. By use of this Gift and establishing a grapple on a target, however, a werewolf can inflict truly horrific harm. Once a hold is achieved and maintained, the character gains an additional six dice to rolls for Overpower Manoeuvres to bite the target.

The victim’s ability to break the attacker’s hold is also diminished. The next roll made by the target to perform an Overpower Manoeuvre of their own suffers a – 2 penalty. A werewolf can use this Gift in only Urhan, Urshul or Gauru form. Their jaws in Hishu and Dalu form are too small and imperfectly shaped to afford the proper purchase.

Dramatic Failure: The werewolf wrenches his jaws in his enthusiasm to shed blood and inflicts a point of bashing damage upon himself.

Failure: The werewolf inflicts no damage at all upon his victim and does not adversely affect the victim’s efforts to break free or perform an overpowering manoeuvre of his own.

Success: The gift user gains six bonus dice to bite in a grapple, and the victim suffers a -2 penalty on his next effort to break free or perform a manoeuvre of his own.

Exceptional Success: The gift user gains six bonus dice to bite in a grapple, and the shock automatically renders the victim immobile for his next action.

Full Moon 4: Rage Armour

Cost: 1 Essence
Dice Pool: None
Action: Instant

The natural resilience and rapid regeneration that the Forsaken have inherited makes werewolves daunting foes. Using this Gift, however, makes Full Moons even more fearsome than their brothers and sisters. With a blood-curdling howl to Luna, the werewolf tempers his flesh with the fire of his Rage and renders himself nigh indestructible for a short time. When he does so, his eyes glow the deep amber of the harvest moon, and a faint distortion makes the air around him waver as his inner fire burns close to the surface.

Dramatic Failure: The werewolf mistakenly believes that he’s well protected, which makes him careless. Not only does he fail to gain the Armor, he loses his Defense for the first turn of combat.

Failure: The werewolf gains no Armor.

Success: The werewolf gains a point of Armor for the remainder of the scene. It protects against physical attacks and firearms equally, but not against silver. Attacks made with silver weapons or silver bullets ignore the effects of this Gift and still cause aggravated damage.

Exceptional Success: No special benefit

[ 5 ] Luna’s Fury ( Werewolf: The Forsaken — Page 117 )

Cost: 1 Essence per turn

Dice Pool: Dexterity + Empathy + Cunning

Action: Instant

A werewolf who Rages against his opponent is dangerous. A werewolf who loses himself in the heat of battle is even more fearsome. A werewolf who makes himself a vessel for Luna’s own fury, however, is truly a terror to behold. A shaft of pure white light lances down from the heavens to bathe the Forsaken in its radiance before the werewolf unleashes a whirlwind of destruction, his eyes, fangs and claws blazing with white fire.

Dramatic Failure: The werewolf receives no benefit, and instead loses his Defense modifier for the next turn of combat.

Failure: No benefit; no penalty.

Success: Each success rolled keeps the Gift active for one turn, though the player must pay one point of Essence per turn as well. While the Gift is active, the werewolf receives the benefit of a dodge for purposes of protection, as well as the benefit of an all-out attack for purposes of offense. That is, his Defense doubles against incoming close-combat attacks, and two dice are added to his own close-combat attacks. (Normally, dodging precludes all other actions in a turn, but this Gift allows attacks to be staged normally at the same time.) The werewolf can activate no other Gifts while this one is active.

Exceptional Success: Doubled Defense also applies against incoming Firearms attacks while the Gift is active.

Full Moon Gifts

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