Affinity: Irraka and Iron Masters

Sometimes the path to victory cannot be attained through the paths of Purity, Glory, Honour or Wisdom. Sometimes it takes Cunning, the ability to know when one must act counter to proper behaviour for the good of the pack. Cunning is the blessing of Luna Enshrouded, the moon that hides her face. The Irraka is charged with mastering the path of Cunning, which is no small task. He must know when to use guile rather than instinct, stealth rather than brutality. Iron Masters recognize the value of adaptation and adoption — and therefore Cunning — in survival. They know that if the Uratha don’t keep up, ever-changing, they will be left behind as another of the Shadow’s spirit-memories. Spirits recognize the talents of a werewolf with great Cunning, for only the truly accomplished can play the fool without actually practising folly.

The Irralunim look for the cunning. These spirits, embodiments of the absence of light rather than of darkness, know that not every problem can be solved by judicious application of fang and claw. But at the same time, not every problem has a wise answer. Some solutions lie in breaking with tradition, with doing what must be done, with taking the indirect road. Cunning is a measure of lateral thinking. The spirits don’t advocate amorality — the Oath still applies. They favour those werewolves who think beyond the Oath, who guard its principles in indirect fashion. Keeping humanity from learning of the People’s existence isn’t just trying to avoid giving them proof, it can also be proactively discrediting those people who believe.

Irraka embody the innovation of the Cunning Renown, as their packs look to them to question the accepted ways and challenge tradition to make sure it still stands. Similarly, however, the Iron Master tribe thrives on Cunning as the very foundation of its precepts. These werewolves explore new ideas among humans and in the world to apply them to the Forsaken condition.

Base Expectations:

Irralunim expect werewolves not to walk blindly into danger. They don’t encourage werewolves to distrust everyone and everything, but they do expect that the Uratha ask the right questions and not accept potential enemies’ word at face value. They also ask that werewolves be honest with their packmates. No werewolf is complete without their pack, and the most important task of the cunning werewolf is the role they play in their pack. The Lunes, however, do understand that Uratha who place great emphasis on Honour and Purity can’t always be told everything, lest their morality paralyse them.

Feats of Cunning:

Killing a foe and making their allies believe the death was accidental; convincing one foe to attack another; avoiding potential human discovery of the Uratha without the use of violence; a new and original battle strategy; any monumental act of stealth, manipulation, cleverness or diplomacy.


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