Upon first changing, all werewolves intuitively gain the ability to change their shape to one of five forms.


Dice Pool: Stamina + Survival + Primal Urge
Action: Instant
Cost: 1 Essence (optional)
Failure: The Uratha spends their action attempting to transform, but remains in their current form.
Success The Uratha changes into a form of their choice, immediately gaining the benefits and drawbacks of that form.
Exceptional Success The Uratha changes into a form of their choice as a Reflexive action.

By spending a point of Essence, an Uratha may change reflexively into any form without a roll. You may not spend to change if you have failed a shapechanging roll this turn.

When the moon is in your auspice phase, you may change reflexively at no cost.

The dice pool for shapeshifting always uses your Hishu Stamina

Hishu – Human

All of the base stats on your character sheet are for the Hishu, or human, form, and should already be on the sheet.

Hishu serves as a default form, though it is not difficult to spend extensive time in other non-Gauru forms. You can sleep in non-Hishu forms, but if your character is knocked unconscious or killed, they revert immediately to Hishu.

A werewolf may return to Hishu reflexively with no roll and for no cost, due to their familiarity with the form. When forced out of Gauru, either at the end of Kuruth or when they have run out of rounds, a character returns to Hishu, unless they succeed at a shapeshifting roll or spend a point of essence.

All additions or subtractions to stats use the hishu form as the base number. For example, the dalu form has a Strength + 1. If your strength in hishu form is 3, it would be 4 in dalu form.

The Hishu nose is insufficient for tracking by scent.

Dalu – Near Human

Strength +1
Stamina + 1
Manipulation - 1
Size + 1
Perception + 2
Induces Lunacy; observers have a 4-die bonus to their Willpower roll to resist.

Gauru – Monstrous War Form

An Uratha may only enter Gauru once per scene, and can only maintain Gauru for a number of rounds equal to (Hishu) Stamina + Primal Urge. The only exception to this is Kuruth, when a werewolf will remain in Gauru until their rage is spent (often until the end of the scene).

Strength + 3
Dexterity + 1
Stamina + 2
Size + 2
Perception + 3
Armour + 1
Claw attack Fast (+1 Attack, +0 Lethal Damage)
Bite attack Normal (-1 Attack, +1 Lethal Damage)
Induces full Lunacy
Invokes Rage
-2 to resist Death Rage
Must roll Resolve + Composure to take non-combat actions
Resolve + Composure must also be rolled to use complex weaponry or any gift that is not a direct physical attack
Wound penalties are ignored and no unconsciousness rolls are made
You will fail most Mental and Social rolls

Urshul – Dire Wolf

Strength + 2
Dexterity + 2
Stamina + 2
Manipulation - 3
Size + 1
Perception + 3
Bite attack Normal (-1 Attack, +1 Lethal Damage)
Induces Lunacy; observers have a 2-die bonus to their Willpower roll to resist

Urhan – Wolf

Dexterity + 2
Stamina + 1
Size - 1
Perception + 4
Bite attack Normal (-1 Attack, +1 Lethal Damage)


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