Perception and Tracking


Dice Pool: Wits + Composure (or a relevant Skill in place of Composure)
Action: Usually Reflexive

Sometimes subtle or instantaneous actions occur around your character, testing their powers of observation. A shape races by. Someone hides behind nearby bushes. Maybe your character recognizes these events. Maybe they go oblivious to them. Alternatively, a single unusual phenomenon is in their presence, and they may (or may not) recognize it without trying. Maybe a piece of furniture is out of place in a room or a door is unlocked when it should be locked.

The Storyteller typically knows when something unusual or out of place occurs in your character’s vicinity, and may call for a reflexive Wits + Composure roll for your character to recognize it. Such observation often occur without your character intentionally searching or looking. Perception rolls simply check to see if your character instinctively notices what’s going on. In many cases, the Storyteller may make perception rolls for you, so that you remain as aware or unaware of what’s going on as your character.

Dramatic Failure: Your character notices something strange or out of place, but it’s not what has actually occurred, or he makes a dangerous assumption about the event. A picture hanging at an odd angle indicates that someone has moved it, but your character assumes that a door has been slammed, shifting the piece of art.

Failure: our character notices nothing amiss or out of place.

Success: Your character recognizes that something has happened. If he wants to learn more, Investigation rolls are called for.

Exceptional Success: Your character not only recognizes when something unusual or quick happens nearby, he sees it all happen and gets a good look. Or he notices a variety of things that are amiss in his surroundings, just by entering the room.

Suggested Equipment: Hopped-up on caffeine (+1)

Possible Penalties: Dark (-3), obscuring weather (-1 to -3), subtle detail (-1), obscure detail (-3), distracting circumstances (-1 to -3).


Dice Pool:
Tracking by sight: Int + Survival / Tracking by scent: Wits + Survival
(Uratha can choose either the above if in appropriate form).

Action: Extended or Contested (if prey is counter-tracking), Usually one roll per 10 minutes of tracking, with a target of 10+ successes depending on circumstance.


Dice Pool: Tracking roll vs. Wits + Survival
Action: Contested

Modifiers for Tracking:

Moving at ½ speed: None
Moving at ¾ speed: -1
Moving at full speed: -2
Every hour trail ages: -1
Each subject in group tracked after the first: +1
Uratha has tasted subject’s blood: +4 (For 1 year)

Perception and Tracking

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