Experience Costs

Attributes: 5 x Rating (First dot free)
Skills: 3 x Rating
Merits: 2 x Rating

Primal Urge: 8 x Rating

Specializations: 3 xp
Harmony 6 xp (flat rate)

Rituals: 4 x Rating
Rites: 1 x Rating

Renown (Associated): 6 x Rating
Renown (Non-associated): 8 x Rating
Gift (Associated): 5 x Rating
Gift (Non-associated): 7 x Rating

Skipping a Gift in a list costs a flat 3 xp. This xp is banked, so if you later buy another Gift from the list, you don’t have to pay to skip the same Gift again. If you later purchase a Gift you skipped, your 3 xp are counted toward the purchase.

Hisil Experience

Each game, in addition to regular experience, your character earns Hisil experience. Hisil Experience may be spent on the following:

Primal Urge

You may combine regular and Hisil experience in the same purchase.

Experience Costs

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