Character Survey

Please fill out as much of this survey as you like and send it to us.  It does not have to be in by game one, but you will get 5xp when we recieve it.  If you are sending in a written backstory and you feel it covers most of this content, we can count that for the xp INSTEAD of the survey.

Many thanks to Mike for his excellent-survey-we-totally-didn’t-base-this-one-on.

Please copy and paste this into and email and send it to the storyteller gmail.

The Basics.

What is your true/birth name? (keep in mind that in this age it’s custom to refer to people as their last names):

What moniker, if any, do you go by?:




Where were you before Bay City:

Hair Colour/length/style:

Eye Colour:

Skin Colour:



Distinguishing features?(scars, tattoos, piercings, etc.)?:

Renown tatoos (Renown shows Auspice/Tribe, and all of your dots of renown but are ONLY VISIBLE when YOU are in the Hisil):

Before your First Change.

Where did you live before?:

Did you have any family? Who were/are they?:

Did you remain in contact with them? if so, how/why?:

Do any of them know the truth?:

What was your job?:

Did you like it? Hate it?:

Do you still have it?:

Were you married or in a long-term relationship?:

Do you know what happened to them?:

What were your goals and ambitions?:

What were your fears and worries?:

What were your dreams?:

Your Change.

How long has it been since your first change?:

What caused it?:

Did anyone witness it?:

Did you hurt anyone?:

What did you enjoy about it, maybe even despite yourself?:

Did you have anyone to help you through it? Who?:

What did you do after?:

You as a Forsaken.

Do you enjoy your new abilities?:

How much of your old life have you hung on to?:

What do you do for a living now, if anything?:

Do you have any long-term goals?:

How do you feel about humans?:

City life?:


What are your fears?:

What are your dreams?:

If you could become human again, would you? What would you get back?:

Are you going by a deed name currently (you don’t have to have one yet— nor do you have to keep your old one if you used to have one)?:

How/when did you receive it?:

Do you belong to a Tribe?:

If so, what Tribe do you belong to, and for how long?:

What about your Tribe attracted to you in the first place?:

The body.

Do you play any sports?:

Do you exercise regularly?:

In general, how fit are you?:

How are you in a fight?:

Do you like fighting?:

Can you throw a punch?:

Use a gun?:

Use a blade?:

Can you drive? How well?:

Are you sneaky?

Can you pick a lock?:

Have you ever been seriously injured?:

Done serious injury to another?:

Have you ever watched someone die?:

Have you ever killed someone?:

How did it make you feel?:

Would you kill again?:

When is it acceptable to kill?:

How much time do you spend in forms other than human?:

What’s your favourite form to be in?:

The Heart.

Are you seeing anyone? Who are they?:

For how long?:

Is it serious?:

Do you have a lot of friends?:

Who is your best friend?:

Do you like parties?:

How much money do you have?:

How do you normally dress? (You don’t have to be perfect in costume, don’t worry):

Can you play an instrument? If so, which one and how well?:

Sexual orientation?:

How do you feel about sex?:

Are you in love with anyone?:

Do you hate anyone?:

Are you religious?:

If so, what is your faith?:

How do you usually get your way?:

OOC: You, the player.

What do you love about LARPing?:

What’s a pet peeve about them?:

What do you like about Werewolf the Forsaken?:

Have anything specific in mind for your character?:

Are there any players you would like to have in your pack?:

Are there any players you would not like in your pack (you can also just tell us):

On a scale from ‘OMG, not again!’ to ‘Yea, bring it on motherfuckers!’ How much to you enjoy combat as a player?

Something that makes you squee as a LARPer?:

Something that makes you clench your teeth in repressed fury?:

Any comments or final questions?:

Character Survey

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