Character Creation

Welcome to Bay City.

All of you are fairly unestablished Forsaken. You could be fairly new, or changed ten years ago, but for whatever reason, you aren’t tied down holding turf somewhere else.

Maybe something happened to your last territory and you decided it was time for greener pastures. Maybe you’re from Europe and you’re tired of dealing with the fallout from the great war… it’s been a right mess over there, mortal and spirit side.

Maybe you got tired of being the youngest Uratha/youngest pack in an area, and took off to establish yourself somewhere as a peer rather than a runt. Maybe it was just getting crowded.

Maybe you were looking to move for human reasons, moving to the city for work, or to get away from somewhere.

Maybe you were once one of the Pure, and needed to prove your new loyalty to the moon and her children before you could settle somewhere.

For whatever reason, you came here, you fought, and you lived.

Character Survey

Step One: Concept.

Build a person. Have an idea where they are from, what they like, what they don’t. Consider their personality, political views, religion, sexuality, etc. Think about how you feel about Prohibition, as most people have an opinion on it these days. Have a look at the Culture section to get a little info on society of the time, and feel free to do your own research if you like.
Players are not required or expected to be experts on history.

Think about which Auspice best suits your concept, and whether or not your character would belong to one of the Tribes, or remain a Ghost Wolf.

Decide if you belonged to a pack before the start of the game. In the battle against the Pure all of the packs suffered casualties. The devastating power of the Pure totems crushed the smaller Forsaken totems, and none of your totems survived, leaving the pack bonds broken. You may have up to one surviving pack member (in the form of another PC), otherwise you are the only surviving member of your pack. You also may have come to Bay City without a pack, hoping to form a new pack once the city is taken.

Step Two: The Sheet.

Instead of the traditional spread of dots, in each section of the character sheet you may spend experience at normal rates to purchase dots. This means that nobody is more powerful due to efficient distribution. Experience is alloted to each main section (Attributes, Skills, and Merits), with a minimum required in each sub-section (Mental, Physical and Social).


You have 150 xp to assign to Attributes.
You must assign at least 45 points each to two sections and at least 30 points to the third. If you manage to spend your points so that you have a remainder that you CANNOT spend, you may bank it for later expenditures.


You have 90 xp to assign to Skills.
You must assign at least 30 points each to two sections and at least 15 points to the third.
You may not begin play with a skill at 5.
You begin with three free specializations, and may spend your skill experience on additional specializations.


You have 30 xp to assign to Merits.
You may not begin play with a merit at 5.

Primal Urge

Everyone begins play with 2 dots of Primal Urge. You may purchase Primal Urge with experience.


You begin play with one dot in a Renown of your choosing. You then add one free dot of Renown associated with your Auspice.

If you belong to a Tribe, you begin with one free dot in your associated tribal Renown. Ghost Wolves instead receive a free dot in any Renown, but may not use this free dot to start with a Renown at 3.


You begin with 3 starting gifts. You get one free pick from any list (with the exception of non-associated auspice-specific lists). You must select a gift from your Auspice list. If you belong to a tribe, you must select a gift from your tribal list (one gift cannot count as your Auspice and Tribal gift, even if it falls on both lists). Ghost Wolves get a second free pick.

You cannot skip gifts with your starting gifts, and must pick them in order. You are still limited to gifts with a rating up to the level of your highest renown.

You may use a free pick gift to instead begin with a dot of Rituals.


Normal starting Harmony is 7. You may begin at any rating from 1 to 7, but receive no experience for starting lower. However, you do not have to take degeneration checks for starting lower, and instead may choose whether you want a derangement at any given level or not.

Starting XP

After assigning your starting dots, gain 25 experience points to spend or bank however you like. You may still not begin play with a five in a skill or merit.

Character Creation

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