A Character’s Armour subtracts from incoming damage. Whenever a character takes points of damage, they are reduced by an amount equal to the defender’s Amour rating. This can prevent damage from occurring, even when the attacker has scored a hit.

The downside of armour is it slows a character’s movements. Most armour subtracts its armour rating from the wearers speed and defence. Improvised or poor quality armours may have more than this.

Worn armour also requires a degree of physical Strength to wear without further penalties. Generally, the Strength requirement of armour is double its armour rating. Wearing armour with less Strength than the requirement gives a -1 to most physical checks for each point under.

Mundane armour (circa 1926) has no noticeable effect on firearms attacks, hence it’s lack of popularity in mortal society. Most supernatural armours will apply against firearms attacks.

It is impossible to put mundane armour on a werewolf in Gauru.

Supernatural Armour doesn’t usually hamper the wearer, depending on it’s source. Unless a power specifies, assume it has no associated penalties.

Examples of Armour:

Armour Rating Speed/Defence Penalty Strength Requirement
Heavy Work Clothing 1 (Bashing) / 0 (Lethal) -1 2
Layered Heavy Clothing 1 -2 3
Hardened Leather 1 -1 2
Chain Mail 1 (Lethal) / 2 (Bashing) -2 3
Plate Mail 2 -2 4


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