Wolves in Wolf's Clothing

Sunday Paper
The Saginaw News - June 20th, 1926

Sunday Morning News!

The Sunday news, normally so civil and quiet, has yet another week of excitement for its readers. Unrelated to the raids of last week, the paper is brought to life with a series of photographs and accusations enough to set the town afire.

A front page article shatters any faith the people of Bay City had in their leaders: a scandal beyond measure! Various photographs are published of the current mayor John MacDonald and competition E. L. Banner involved together in illegal gambling and drinking, as well as an unbecoming “association” with scantly clad women. Worse than simply that, Nelson St. Dennis— head of the city’s own Bay City Times and supposed professional— was caught on camera as well engaging in such nefarious deeds. All three men were unavailable for comment. The article goes on to ask the locals exactly who they are putting in charge, who they are trusting to form and report their world for them.

Other less colourful articles, still exposing the passion of the people below, give insight into the lives of the citizens and the bigger picture of Bay City life:

Recurring fire hazard put to a stop? Factory back up and running, looking healthy once more: nearby residents and workers relieved to get back to work without worry

local business owners speak out against new tax! Unfair exploitation of the hardworking, decent people just looking out for their community and employees

despite the police activity last week, no dent made against the criminal world! In fact, there’s a startling increase in activity and violence— an unknown force in our streets?

Immediately in response to the newspaper coming out, Banner’s campaign manager holds a press conference that the man is notably absent from. He offers apologies to the public, but has no intention of continuing his run with this against him. Without appearing himself, Banner drops out from the electoral race.

News of Mayor MacDonald holding a press conference that evening floods the streets. He had invited reporters and the public to his own home just west of the city to apologize and explain himself.

The Saginaw News has been the local source for news and advertising in Saginaw, Bay and Midland counties since 1859. The Saginaw News is available for home delivery and on newsstands Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays. Run by Antonio Munoz.

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